Avee Music Player PRO MOD APK

Avee Music Player Pro MOD APK

Available for Android and Windows

Size: 12MB | Version: 1.2.171

Avee Music Player is a music player application. This app is a replacement for the old and outdated music player application. This application name helps the user to know what type of this app it is. This app is also a music player application where you can play the radio with a good sound.

This program provides a graphic improvement, making the DJ blind actor Sounds experience more enjoyable. This program gives you an outstanding experience similar to the professional blind actor Sound viewer’s experience. Because of the nature of this program, it’s simple to enjoy music.

Do you want the basic and uninteresting music app that comes with your original devices? Looking for a new mobile app that will give you a fresh look and music experience? Then Avee Music Player would be a fantastic app to enjoy. With this excellent music player app, you can immerse yourself in one-of-a-kind and personalized audio experiences.

Prepare to replace your dull and unappealing music app on your Android devices with Avee Music Player Pro for a new and refreshing start. Never listen to music from the same old and generic Android app as everyone else. With this new app from Daww Aww, you can be unique and embrace the world of creative music players.

Avee Music Player Pro MOD APK

Furthermore, if you’re having issues with the app, whether because of the annoying ads or in-app purchases, you can completely switch to our modified version of Avee Music Player, which offers all its premium features for free. Download the Avee Music Player Pro APK from our website, follow the instructions, and you can enjoy your music to the fullest. Never have ads in your way or annoying purchases prevent you from thoroughly enjoying your experiences.

What does it do?

As you might expect, this fantastic music player will replace your old and boring app. With it, you can finally listen to high-quality music without annoying UI or stupid in-app features. Avee Music Player contains several intriguing features that will allow you to get the most out of your music-listening sessions. Dive into the fantastic music world while enjoying convenient features on your music player app. Have fun listening to high-quality music while exploring the stunning HD backgrounds. Use the built-in EQ to fine-tune your music to your liking. At the same time, use the app’s playback feature to watch high-definition videos. It is the ultimate multimedia app that you must have on your mobile device.


First, you are not required to grant permission for the app to run on your devices. Install and start using the app on any of your Android devices. You can listen to music or watch video clips whenever you want. However, you must connect your devices to the Internet to use the online library. Furthermore, the software will request microphone permissions for the global audio stream service.

Avee Music Player Pro MOD APK Features

The following are all of the app’s unique features:

Audio visualizer

In addition, to enhance the app’s appeal, users are presented with captivating audiovisual animations. This allows listeners to be completely immersed in their music. When ready, Avee Music Player’s dynamic and engaging audio visualizers will enable you to hear and feel every beat. Each visualizer has brilliant animations and is available with various songs within the application. In addition, for those interested, it is possible to export specific visualizers as HD video files, which you can upload to the Internet and revisit whenever you like. These would make excellent backdrops for your forthcoming music videos.

Avee Music Player Pro MOD APK

Music libraries

Avee Music Player can assist users in locating and browsing their music libraries as they explore the world of music. Thus, you can access your songs by browsing files in direct folders, searching for your favorite songs with the search option, and navigating through specific queues, among other methods. Quickly navigate the various music libraries and enjoy your favorite songs whenever possible.

Touch Controls

To begin with, Android users will be at ease with the app due to its intuitive touch controls. You can easily select, switch, and adjust music using convenient gestures and touch commands. Furthermore, users can use the Bluetooth feature to control other devices, which is incredible.

Own music library

As brilliant as the app was as a music player, users must have their music library ready. So, it will be less practical and convenient for you than other online music library apps. Additionally, searching for music online and building your library will take a lot of time, which is another drawback of this app. Otherwise, it would be every Android device’s ideal music app.

Avee Music Player Pro MOD APK

Free to use

Despite these incredible features, the app is free for all Android users to use on their mobile devices. You can download and install the app from the Google Play Store for free.

Music Library

The app’s music-playing prowess is undeniable, but it requires users to have their collection of tunes prepared. Because of this, other cloud-based music library apps are more practical and easy to use. Another major drawback of this app is its time to look for music online and compile your library. Except for that, it’s the ideal music player for any Android device.

Listen to music

With Avee Music Player’s valuable features, you can control and change how you listen to music. Use clever locking mechanisms to control your music player and enjoy listening to music in the most convenient way possible. To lock the player, use the screen orientation. The status bar widget lets you quickly control your devices and create your lock screen. Alter the playing time by using the Sleep Timer. Never before have you had more fun with music than now.

Avee Music Player Pro MOD APK

Media Formats

To make the app even more appealing, users will have complete support for multiple available media formats with their various pieces of audio. You can quickly discover and enjoy beautiful songs in multiple forms with Avee Music Player. So listening to your favorite lossless music will never be an issue.

In addition, for those interested, the app allows users to save their favorite playlists with specific songs. Alternatively, you can import your old playlists to the devices, and Avee Music Player will assist you in reading them. The app supports a variety of playlist definitions, including pla, pls, mpcpl, PLP, m3u, and m3u8. As a result, adding your favorite songs to your devices has always been more complex. In addition to music, the app allows users to watch videos in various formats. It’s the same as having your MX Player Pro integrated with a music player app, but better.


Moreover, the app allows users to enjoy their music to the fullest by providing a variety of customizable experiences. Start with the two internal players offering completely distinct musical experiences. You can then modify the output of your songs by adjusting the audio using the equalizer. Change the bass, treble, and mid sounds to your liking, and listen to music in various styles.

On the other hand, you can fully personalize the in-app interfaces by applying various skins, each with its themes. Dive into the world of music with Avee Music Player and enjoy it uniquely. If interested, you can customize the app’s visual effects with cross-fade and gapless transitions. Consequently, enjoy your music to the fullest extent.

Avee Music Player Pro MOD APK


Why is my export project crashing or unable to export files?

  • Use the most recent Avee Music Player App version from the Google Play Store.
  • Restart your device or close any unused background apps that use memory.
  • Use the software-based “omx.google.h264.encoder” codec, which is compatible with almost all phones, as some devices are incompatible with other video codecs.
  • It is difficult for your device to handle high-resolution exports. A different resolution preset, such as “[email protected] 7.5Mbps256.0Kbps L,” designed for older Android devices, can be chosen, or some export settings can be changed.
  • Ensure your device has enough free space to export your files, keeping the file size under 4GB.
  • Make sure to use an audio file format supported, such as.mp3 or.wav.
  • Choose a shortened naming scheme with a maximum of two words and no extraneous symbols. Later, you can always rename your files.
  • There is always a chance that your file will have errors. In that case, your audio file needs to be transcoded.

Why does it take so long for my file to export?

One of the hardware-intensive operations for any device is rendering. As a real-time process, rendering video cannot proceed more quickly than the source file’s duration. Real-time export speed can be reached with no problems by the most recent generation of devices. However, depending on the composition’s length, complexity, and export options, the process could take a few minutes to several hours.

Select the “Hide App Logo” checkbox in the Video Export window. By viewing a paid advertisement, you can gain access to this option. Have an internet connection, please. A premium version of Avee Music Player is available, and by selecting “Always Hide App Logo” in the settings, the app logo can be turned off.

How to change the exported file size?

Use an export preset with a lower resolution, such as “[email protected] 7.5Mbps256.0Kbps L,” or upgrade to the Avee Music Player Premium version for more export control. In this way, the file size can be changed because it largely depends on the length of the audio and the export settings, such as the video bitrate and framerate.

What is the limit of video file size?

The Android operating system is limited to 4GB. Export settings can be changed to reduce size.


I bought the Avee Music Player Premium version, but not all features are available.

Remember that you should be logged in with the same Google account you used to purchase. All options are available after purchasing the Premium version in the Google Play Store. Clear the Google Play Store’s cache, or reinstall the Avee Music Player App if necessary.

What is the difference between Avee Music Player Free and Premium versions?

Both Free and Premium users of the Avee Music Player app have access to file creation, processing and exporting. A Premium user has access to advanced controls that allow for more creative editing and the design of polished content.


Why is it impossible to playback video after exporting?

  • A flawed source file could be the root of this problem. Change the file’s name or format.
  • Ensure the audio files you are exporting are supported, like.mp3 or.wav.
  • Ensure your exported file is under the 4GB limit set by the Android operating system.
  • The fact that only a partially completed export file is visible could be related to an export crash case. Examine any export-related issues.


Why can`t I insert an image file?

Use smaller files (.gif,.jpg,.png) or check the project layers to ensure you aren’t putting one image behind another. Use image files that are under 10 Mb in size. Utilizing various image conversion software will reduce the file size.

Why can`t I import my project .viz file?

All are supported by the Avee Music Player app. files made with viz template versions 1.2.83 and later. On occasion, the opening is impossible. Templates for viz directly from the app. It is advised to locate them in your phone’s folder, then click the. Viz file and select the Avee Music Player app to open it.


Avee Music Player is unquestionably one of the best nominees for those seeking a comprehensive music experience on Android devices. Enjoying multimedia on portable devices is possible with complete support for multiple audio and video formats. Moreover, feel free to have fun with customizations and upgrades far superior to any other music player app. Moreover, you can now obtain it for absolutely nothing. Locate the free and unlocked app on our website, and you’ll be all set.

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